Concrete PERFECT PRIMER 2 kg –


Concrete PERFECT PRIMER 2 kg

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Concrete PERFECT PRIMER - deeply penetrating

for priming absorptive, mineral construction substrates inside and outside buildings. In particular, for substrates made of cement-lime plasters, concrete, bricks, as well as absorbing plasters and other porous materials showing the need for priming in order to: improve adhesion, extend the open time, reduce the specific consumption of the material applied, ensure proper bonding of the adhesive, reduce and equalize the water absorption of the light substrate strengthening the surface strength, removing dusting and shedding (sanding, chalking) of the surface; temporary protection against the adverse effects of weather conditions.

professional water-borne, solvent-free primer based on an increased amount of water dispersion of synthetic resins. Penetrating inside pores in materials and, after evaporation of water, deposits a dry residue on the surface of their walls.

PROPERTIES: easy to apply, deeply penetrating, ecological.

COLOR: colourless.

CONSUMPTION: from approx. 0.05 l/ m2 - 0.2l / m2 depending on the type and absorbency of the substrate. The final material consumption depends on the local conditions and it is recommended to determine it on the basis of tests performed on a representative substrate.

Plastic bottle - 1l

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