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Felt 3D panels

acoustc panels by Wallset

Wallset 3D FELT eco wall panels are a quick acoustic decor concept to update any interior without a hefty price tag.
The panels come in a pack of 3, 6 and 12 pieces so that you can enjoy mixing the colours and pattrens.


Eco-friendly products build on two layers of felt and PET, fully recyclable and free from chemicals.


Felt panels are very light and easy to install. In addition, panels are reusable - you can install them again!


We have combined the most trendy colours and shapes of the FELT 3D panels so that you can mix colours and models!


Ideal for large or medium size rooms, it helps with absorbing noise or echo. Perfect for offices, workplaces and gaming rooms!

Felt 3D wall panels are easy to install on any surfaces, walls or ceilings. Features double-layer ECO felt material hot-pressed to preserve its shape. The product contains minimum 70% of recycled PET and it's ECO friendly.

Our Felt decors are lightweight, durable, scratch-proof, fire-resistant, and 100% recyclable or even reusable!. FELT panels are made from felt and felt/PET and recycled materials that can be recycled or reused again – that's how sustainable it is!

In addition, acoustic properties and various colours would help create a cosy space. 

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Felt 3D panels collection:

Felt 3D panels are hand made in Poland EU.