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Fluffo Fix Adhesive

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Fluffo Fix - High Initial Tack Adhesive

Fluffo Fix is a high-quality professional adhesive, tested, odourless with high initial bonding and minimal shrinkage, intended for Fluffo panel mounting.

  • High initial tack, resistance and strength
  • No mechanical support required during curing
  • Remains flexible up to 30 minutes, which allows adjustments of the panels position

  • No need for wall preparation before installation thanks to a special penetrating agent - just make sure the wall is relatively even and free of dust

  • Minimal shrinkage and bubble free
  • Neutral curing, odourless

Fluffo Fix Adhesive is suitable and recommended to use with Fluffo panels. We only accept product warranty if installed using the recommended type of adhesives.

Directions Of Use:

Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the outline of the panel with the use of a cartridge applicator gun. then simply press the panel firmly into place. After application of the adjacent panels, you have 30 minutes to adjust their position. The installation is simple, quick and clean.