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3D Gypsum Mural - ARCHETYPE

Price for complete mural set.

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3D Gypsum Mural - ARCHETYPE
Easy to cut & easy to install
Strong and hard finish
Uniqe and lovely 3D design
Great quality - ready to use

Large XXL murals

Mural Illusion 3D Gypsum

Excellent for large interiors and spacious receptions. Gypsum cast Murals are fire-resistant and made from natural ingredients. Panels need to be painted after installation.

Mural Illusion 3D Gypsum

3D Gypsum cast

Amazing and real 3D effect

Real gypsum cast with perfect joint edges. The feature wall for large spaces and lobbies.

Unique design pattern

Exceptional and rare feature wall composition with a wow factor. Hard, durable and ready to paint.


How to installl 3D gypsum wall panels?

Installing our gypsum 3D wall panels is a quick and easy process. To begin, you'll need to prepare the surface by cleaning it and making sure it's smooth and level. Next, use a spirit level to ensure that the panels are straight and a tube adhesive to attach them to the wall. The panels are easy to cut and sand, so you can customize them to fit any space. After installation, the panels should be painted to match your desired aesthetic. With our easy to use installation process, you can transform your space in no time. You can download installation manual here. Good luck!

How to paint the panels?

3D gypsum panels should be painted after all joints are sanded down to ensure smooth surface. Emulsion based paints are recommended and can be applied using a roller or air compressor for best results.

What's is delivery time?

Most of our panels models are made to order - please check stock before ordering. Contact us if you need any specific quantity.

Do you offer 3D gypsum samples?

Unfortunately we dont offer gypsum samples and full size panels are fragile for courier delivery. Its a gypsum cast with flat surface at the rear for easy installation. Ready to paint.

Illusion XXL Mural

Perfect and seamless composition. Accurate at the edges allows for perfect jointing and a fantastic finish. Please slide left to right to see how it works.

Set of 12 panels

Mural Illusion 3D Gypsum

After installation

Gypsum wall panel accessories:

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