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Polystyrene Wall Panels PENOSIL tube adhesive 310 ml

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PENOSIL polystyrene 3D wall panels tube adhesive.

  • Solvent-free ready to use adhesive based on polyacrylate dispersion for indoor application. Suitable for bonding materials such as wood, non-polished stones, concrete, plasterboard, ceramic, tiles, corkboard, brickwork, polystyrene, etc. Cured sealant is UV and moisture proof and paintable.
  • Adheres well to most building materials, such as wood, unpolished stones, concrete, plasterboard, ceramics, silicates, bricks, polystyrene.
  • Can be used on wet surfaces, however, a possibility for quick drying should be established.
  • Paintable with dispersion paints.
  • UV and moisture proof.


Field of application:

Used in constructions during mounting wooden construction elements, wooden-, plaster and decorative panels by strengthening screw connections and reducing screw usage. Installation of carpentry elements, door and floor fillets, adhesion of plaster decorations and decorative panels. Elements will have a rigid connection, which is why the adhesion is not suitable for moving connections. Also suitable for filling of cracks, dowel, stucco and panel openings in plasterboards.

Not suitable for surfaces in permanent contact with water.

Adhesion of plaster decorations, fillets, wall boards and other decorative elements.

Usage: 1 tube of adhesive per 6 polystyrene wall panels.