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Acoustic suspended panels

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Fluffo WEB acoustic curtains

Introducing Fluffo WEB, the ultimate solution for creating stylish and functional room dividers in commercial spaces. These individual Fluffo panels are linked with transparent tape and suspended from the ceiling, providing a modern and elegant way to divide large office spaces, conference rooms, and lobbies.

Made from premium materials and finished with a luxurious flocked suede texture, Fluffo WEB panels not only improve the aesthetic of your space but also provide effective adequate sound insulation and reduction of echo. With 56 colors to choose from, these panels can be easily integrated into any design scheme, and the flocked suede finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Fluffo WEB panels are easy to install and can be suspended from the ceiling using the included suspension kit rails. WEB can be slid on railings. These panels create a sense of privacy and separation without blocking light or obscuring views.

Upgrade your commercial space with Fluffo WEB and create a functional and stylish environment with these modern room dividers. Enjoy the perfect balance of function, style, and comfort with Fluffo WEB.

Fluffo WEB Acoustic Curtains


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