Rustic Oak Brown - wall panels per sq/m –


Rustic Oak Brown - wall panels per sq/m

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WoodUpp - Wooden walls are an easy and simple solution if you want to add a nice and rustic element to your interior.

Rustic Oak - Brown gives a antique look, and at the same time adds immense warmth and charm to your environment.

UV Resistant

Wooden panels are 100% UV resistant. Suitable for areas with direct daylight or lighting source.

Real 3D surface

Real 3D wooden structure panels. Perfect for lounges, TV walls and receptions!

Quick & easy to install

Panels are flexible and very easy to install ! Real wooden lightweight wall decorations.

Excellent design

Panels are designed to combine different and individual layout patterns.

Rustic Oak - wall panel
  • Rustic Oak - Brown is made of genuine oak. Its 3mm thick veneer panel.
  • Can be mounted very simply on almost all kinds of walls.
  • Remember to buy WoodUpp Adhesive that allows you to easily mount your wooden wall.
  • Each panel measures 800x145x3 mm.
  • Delivery Time - 6-10 days.

Rustic Oak Brown - flexible veneer wooden panels!

Panels are manufactured in Denmark.