Architectural Concrete Wall Panel - White 100x50 cm

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general Description

Our architectural concrete (GRC) panels are made of real cement reinforced with clay aggregates and fibreglass, which improves their strength while making them lighter at the same time. The look and feel of natural concrete together with its characteristic shades, porosity and texture are desirable features used in architecture and interior design and will add charm and appeal to your interior as well.

PANEL Dimensions

  • COLLECTION NAME:  Architectural Concrete Wall Panels
  • MODEL NAME:  WallSET White 100x50
  • AVAILABLE THICKNESS:  11 / 20 mm
  • 2 PANELS: 1.00 m2
  • WEIGHT OF A SINGLE PANEL:  10 kg / 16 kg


For indoor installations and when the wall is not taller than 3 m, we recommend Mammuth Adhesive.
For larger-scale projects, outdoor projects and for wet areas, we recommend either one of the following adhesives:

  • Mapei Keralastic T two-component adhesive
  • Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1, only with additional primer agent Mapei Mapecoat or Mapei EcoGrip to be applied both to the back of the panels and to the wall; the primer should completely dry before proceeding with the adhesive.

If grouting is necessary, we recommend Mapei Ultra Colour Plus, available in different shades of grey.

Before using any of the above mentioned adhesive and grouts, please make sure the installer is familiar with the relative technical data sheets and installation manuals.


Concrete panels are made to order.

Production + delivery time is normally up to 14 working days from the order date. For the most up-to-date lead time please check the information in the box below the 'Add to cart' button or contact our sales office.

We deliver Concrete panels in secure and safe packaging on pallets wrapped in transparent stretch film. The panels are laid alternately with foamed polystyrene spacers and fastened with tape.

All panels are quality checked before shipping. Delivery service by courier, trackable and fully insured - signature required.


These panels are made of real GRC concrete. They are lighter than industrial concrete but maintain its distinctive characteristics, including the typical air bubbles and shades variations.


Our architectural concrete is reinforced with fiberglass to make it last even longer. All panels are covered by a 10 years warranty, testament to the quality of the material.


For stunning outdoor projects, choose our waterproof and weatherproof panels. They are also great in kitchens, bathrooms and any other high humidity area.


Our cast concrete panels come in different sizes, porosity levels and intensity of colour. For an even more industrial feel we also offer panels with the classic anchor dots.